Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Although this is very much an 'all my clothes are currently in the wash for when I head back to uni tomorrow' outfit, a grey jumper and smart fitting trousers will always be my classic go to for when I'm feeling uninspired in the clothing department . 

Throw on a pair of Stan Smiths and my inner basic bitch will rejoice! 

Sunday, 12 April 2015


JUMPER zara// SHIRT motel// JEANS h&m// MULES zara// SUNGLASSES vintage

I'll put my hands up and be the first one to admit that the new 70's trend just isn't for me. The different kinds of paisley patterns and brown suedes flying around the shops make me want to run to h&m basics section and never look back. However, there is one fine exception to the 70's trend and that is: 

The Flared Jean.

Flared jeans have to be the most flattering style for all. Styled with some heels, they make your legs go on for dayyyyyys. I am forever finding ways of adding a few extra inches to my short legs, so these jeans are a winner.

Saturday, 11 April 2015



Thank you for officially arriving in the UK. You have been dearly missed. Not only because my skin is in some serious need for some vitamin D lovin' but also because I have an excuse to add to my sunglasses collection.

I recently purchased these pink beauties after my favourite tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses broke. Although I still can't let these go (I fixed the hinge using a bobby pin which I do not recommend as it tends to poke me in the eye from time to time) I added to my collection by daring to go pink. 

I never thought I would say this but, I'm feeling this Barbie look.

Sunday, 5 April 2015



I'm keeping this blogpost short and sweet as it is cutting in to serious chocolate indulging time. I found this washed out denim jacket in the depths of my wardrobe whilst trying to do a little spring cleaning the other day. I love falling back in love with items of clothing you have forgotten about and it's perfect for the up and coming (says with crossed fingers) warmer weather.

I also found the perfect everyday culottes in h&m whilst shopping in Norwich last Thursday. At only £14.99, don't mind if I do.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


"You look like a forest."

That's the response I got from my brother whilst eating a Sunday roast with the fam this lunchtime. Although I could have easily questioned his choice of clothing -he's been wearing the same tracksuits since last Saturday- I was pleased with his comment. Not that I ever look to my brother for his 'fashion seal of approval', but even a sarcastic comment about an outfit I'm wearing from my oblivious brother has confirmed that a matching combo is a good statement outfit. I'm loving matching combos at the moment and swapping up my usual greys for a colour like khaki. There's something about pairing these satin trousers with Stan Smiths which gives off a 70's sports vibe that I'm oh so feeling (I had to restrain myself from wearing a logo tight vest top). 

Saturday, 28 March 2015


I have just got back from the most amazing few days spent in Paris with friends. This city never fails to amaze me with its beauty.

Here are a quick few of the things I feel are a must see if you are planning a short visit to Paris (this is mainly food related..obviously):

  • PAUL bakery- for the best on-the-go baguettes
  • Centre Pompidou- The Jeff Koons exhibition is well worth a visit
  • YSL 1971 exhibition
  • Pierre Herme- For macaroons that will change your life
  • Angelina- The queue is always huge to try and get a table, but if you cannot feat the wait, get a take a way hot chocolate! It's like drinking pure, warm milk chocolate (my mouth is watering while I type this)
  • Dirty Dicks Cocktail bar- Situated in Pigalle amongst the dozens of sex shops, this cocktail bar is so much fun! You can drink fruity cocktails from massive conch shells and the waiters are all in hawaiian shirts, cause you know, why not?
  •  Fleux' Interior design shop- Beautiful and unique decor for a reasonable price