Saturday, 20 December 2014


I have officially come back from the city of my dreams: New York. It had everything I love about a city and more; the unapologetic ignorance of locals, the consistent smell of something in the air that you can never put your finger (praying its food and nothing foul) and of course the fact that no one ever EVER. Although this is a list of everything that would make you want to live a wholesome, quiet life in the countryside if you're above the age of 30, for me, there is just something about New York that even London cannot rival.

I'm going to stop rambling on about New York so I don't ruin my next post. Yes, you've guessed it, it's going to be about my trip!

I thought I would give my trusty Zara boots a break as they have walked many miles in the last few weeks. These Adidas Gazelles are a treat.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


I've never done a smart VS casual look on my blog before, so I thought it was about bloody time I did one. I picked these ASOS white wide leg trousers because they have been sitting in my cupboard not having a lot of wear time. This is mostly because a) they are REALLY white and I will spill coffee on them before I walk out of the door and b) I hadn't given much thought on how I would style them. I love the contemporary feel and look of them, so even though they are typically formal looking; styled with an oversized jumper they can also look super casual. I wore them with Birkenstocks for my casual look which is not very appropriate for this time of year but I just cannot depart from the Birks just yet (even with frost bitten toes!).

I included the makeup which I used to create my full look. These are also staples to my everyday makeup routine:

  • MAC face and body foundation
  • MAC pro long concealer
  • MAC lipstick in 'twig'
  • Urban Decay Naked basic Palette (seriously the best thing EVER- I use the darker brown shade for my eyebrows)
  • Urban Decay in 'Naked 2'
  • Benefit Porefessional
  • Benefit Sugarbomb blusher 
  • Benefit High Beam
  • BedHead bronzer
  • Mabeline Matte Maker powder
  • Chanel Chance Perfume 

You can find (similar) white wide leg trousers here.

Friday, 14 November 2014


Yesterday I was very kindly invited to Pauls Boutique Christmas Collection launch. The evening consisted of sipping champagne at Searcys champagne bar in Westfield shopping centre, having a sneak peak at the new collection and meeting some great people! 

I use to connect the PB brand with young girls however, it's exciting to watch the brand and collection grow and appeal to both younger and older women. I'm obsessed with the reversible bags that come in neon. If you are a regular visiter of my blog, you'll recognise the pattern of monocrome and neutral colours so I love to add a pop of colour when it comes to my accessories. The suede and leather black boho bag is still imprinted in my brain. I. Must. Have.

On the train to and from London, I was completely immersed in Lena Dunham's, much raved about autobiography 'Not that Kind of Girl'. So immersed, that the ticket lady had to forcefully nudge me to get my attention. There were many times where I forgot that I was on an overpacked train and literally LOL'ed which quickly regained my status and made me look around awkwardly to see if I disturbed anyone's train induced slumber. On the way back from London, I overheard two girls coincidentally review the book to one another whilst I was reading it. From what I heard from my eavesdropping, they concluded it as 'self indulgent' which I couldn't disagree with more. The autobiography is shockingly frank and an unglamourised version of her life. She covers things that a lot of autobiographies I have read are too afraid to cover. After reading Alexa Chungs 'It' (the most self indulgent thing I think I have ever read), it was refreshing to see Lena Dunham write honestly about her upbringing, sex, love and her awkward puberty stage without trying to force this quirky 'cool' status that Alexa did. The two books, I realise, are quite unrelated to one another, but I still to this day will rant about the content of Alexa's book not justifying the price tag. Lena's, ontheotherhand, does. 

Whilst in London for the day, I also had to quickly check out all the Christmas Decorations in Oxford Street. The Liberty's window displays were my favourite!

To finish this mish-mashed blogpost I will say: go check out PB's Christmas Collection and buy (or borrow from a friend, as I did- thanks Libby) Lena Dunham's 'Not That Kind of Girl'. You will regret neither, I assure you.

Friday, 31 October 2014


I think I should start this post off appropriately by saying.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Perhaps I should have incorporated some the Halloween spirit into my outfit today but instead I opted for what I know best (all I know); neutrals. Needless to say, I will be indulging in all things spooky tonight and going seriously OTT on my costume. Check my Instagram later if you want to know what I am going as!

I have been wearing this coat everyday since I found it in a charity shop last week. I've kept my beady eyes peeled for a camel (well I say camel, its more of a greyish camel. What would you call that colour?) coat for a couple of months now, one of which that would not take a serious pounding on my bank account. So at £12, I can't complain. I actually did a little DIY on it too by removing the inner lining of the sleeves to give it that dressing gown/ coat vibe which I'm oh so digging right now.

This has been appropriately stuck in my head all day. I hope it gets you in the Halloween mood too.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


So on my day off from uni I had the mind set that this would be the time where I really sat down and got started on my intense work load I have to do for my course. Instead, I spent the whole day making a shop for my blog.

I have been signed up for Tictail for a while now, wanting to create a shop for my unwanted clothing items in order to earn a bit'a easy cash. So I finally bit the bullet and made one. Some of which feature in my blogposts and if they have, I've added them to the picture gallery so you can see how they fit me!

If by chance, you do want to buy an item and have any questions or if you're feeling risky and want to haggle with a price, please don't hesitate to tweet me at @bryonydodds or just drop me a comment on a post, I'm a friendly gal and I'm always up for a chinwag even if its nothing to do with this post!

More stuff will be added, so if you like what you see, keep your eyes peeled!

Check out my shop here:

Saturday, 25 October 2014



Culottes, the marmite fashion wear. I have spoken of my love-hate relationship for culottes. I absolutely loathed them when they first came about and now I absolutely love them. Is it weird to say that I feel fabulously frumpy in them? An oxymoron if I ever did see one, but I just cannot get enough of slouchy, comfy wear and these Topshop culottes fit the bill perfectly. Expect to see these on my blogpost's a LOT.

I'm off to see my family for the day in Sheffield. Finally I can be treated to food that isn't a jacket potato or a stir fry (student woes). Have a great saturday!

Sunday, 19 October 2014



It's got to that time again where I need a little bit of a fashion inspiration pick me up. The autumn/ winter colour palettes all over my favourite shops are making me want to squeeze my bank balance dry (must refrain, MUST REFRAIN) and don't even get me started on Alexander Wang for H&M's collection (that 3D print grey sweater; SWOON).

This autumn/ winter I'm feeling the low, messy knotted buns, grey on grey cashmere and oversized chunky roll necks layered over leathered skirts. Oh, and I cannot forgot a pair of lethally pointed kicks. The sharper the point, the better.